Our Purpose

We create, acquire, and manage sustainable companies in order to develop leaders and provide them with life-changing opportunities.

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We do things a little differently than most. We are investors. We are also operators, and we bring real-life experience into every business that we manage.

Business is always, ultimately, about people. Their goals, challenges, relationships, personalities, values, and dreams.

Much of what we understand about people and business, we’ve learned – by mindful observations, by staying curious, by listening intently to their needs, fears, and visions – what they say and don’t say.

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Most People Can’t See The


The truth is most people are working so hard on the detailed tasks at hand they can’t make the strategic, big picture decisions they need to truly succeed and thrive in business or life.
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That’s Where we come in.

We Serve, Uplift, & Call

Forth Your Best

As investors and operators, we’ve always had a passion for and belief in serving and uplifting others, calling forth their best and highest order goals. To us, that is wisdom.

Empowering you

to Succeed

A major asset to our current partners, and future partners, is the economies of scale we offer. With an internal management and consulting team consisting of Human Resources, Accounting, Sales, Operations, Risk Management, and Marketing, our offerings to a partner provide massive relief and benefit to their daily workflow. This allows them to spend time focusing on driving the business and impacting our people.

And together, create a growing, greater good