Our Purpose

We create, acquire, and manage sustainable companies in order to develop leaders and provide them with life-changing opportunities.

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We do things a little differently than most. We are investors. We are also operators, and we bring real-life experience into every business that we manage.

Business is always, ultimately, about people. Their goals, challenges, relationships, personalities, values, and dreams.

Much of what we understand about people and business, we’ve learned – by mindful observations, by staying curious, by listening intently to their needs, fears, and visions – what they say and don’t say.

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Most People Can’t See The


The truth is most people are working so hard on the detailed tasks at hand they can’t make the strategic, big picture decisions they need to truly succeed and thrive in business or life.
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That’s Where we come in.

We Serve, Uplift, & Call

Forth Your Best

As investors and operators, we’ve always had a passion for and belief in serving and uplifting others, calling forth their best and highest order goals. To us, that is wisdom.

Empowering you

to Succeed

A major asset to our current partners, and future partners, is the economies of scale we offer. With an internal management and consulting team consisting of Human Resources, Accounting, Sales, Operations, Risk Management, and Marketing, our offerings to a partner provide massive relief and benefit to their daily workflow. This allows them to spend time focusing on driving the business and impacting our people.

And together, create a growing, greater good

Ready for you and your business to thrive?

What We Do

Business Consulting

We work closely with business owners, franchisees, and multi-line entrepreneurs to align their lives and businesses with the best and highest goals for themselves and their families, partners, and employees. From thinking through an idea to a new business to considering options for an exit, we can help.

Business Analytics

Our in-house data analysts create custom reporting to give management and owners a snapshot of the health of the business. Data can be overwhelming, and not all data is good data. So we focus on creating reporting that is digestible and gives our managers the information needed to make the best strategic decisions.


When it comes to marketing your product or service, money does not solve all problems. The best marketing is to offer a product or service that builds confidence with the consumer, creating customers that trust us.

We believe in data-driven marketing to achieve the highest ROI. We also believe that driving leads through paid search must be accompanied by a robust SEO approach. Let’s face it; we live in a world of search. Sometimes our first impression is what a customer or prospect sees online, which is why we focus so heavily on review generations and SEO. Our focus is holistic. Content creation, social media, in-house creatives, mass-media purchasing, and grassroots strategy are all necessary to run a successful marketing campaign.


Our accounting team works closely with our businesses and offers a full-service solution. We handle all aspects of the accounting process to include accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash flow management, financial reporting, and tax strategy. We create customized reporting for each operating business and work with local management to train them on reading and understanding financial statements. This allows them to make informed strategic decisions at the local level.

Payroll Services

Working directly with our human resource and accounting team, our payroll services can be as involved as needed. With vendor relationships to help create a fluid and easy payroll process, our team works to make sure payday goes off without a hitch. We found a flawed payroll process creates uncertainty and drives dissatisfaction for our team members. Using payroll cards and direct deposit, we have taken a paperless approach to payroll to keep our employees paid as efficiently as possible while protecting the company and lowering costs.

Risk Management

When it comes to investing in the open market or running a business, one of the most important things one can do is mitigate risk. Through training, policies, and culture, we focus on safety to mitigate the losses our businesses face. When our employees go to work each day, our main goal is to get them home safely. We also work closely with our insurance partners in the traditional guaranteed cost market and the captive insurance market to manage our risk.


Culture starts with hiring the right people, then grows organically from there. It is our duty to approach culture intentionally and with a clear vision. We believe WE ALL WIN THE SAME WAY; meaning, when our employees thrive, our customers thrive, and our business thrives. Our team is constantly seeking ways to improve our culture through the employee experience.


We strongly believe that a business is only as strong as its people! We also know that successful hiring is crucial to the long-term sustainability of any organization. We use technology to support our applicant tracking workflow, which helps us to not only attract candidates but also increases our ability to hire the right people that fit the culture of the organization.


The GFS Sales Support team will unearth your story and help you share it with the world. Many argue, “If there’s no one selling, there are no ‘customers,’ and by default, there’s no ‘business to conduct.’” But this is never the case. Everyone sells, and everyone is always selling something. Even the members on your team who’ve never stepped foot in a weekly sales meeting…they, too, are constantly selling. When people are convinced they’re on a winning team, it’s infectious and becomes something impossible not to share because everyone loves a great story. If the story is true, all the better, if it means something, and the story is important, and the emotion is genuine, customers, friends, new acquaintances in the grocery line will listen on.

Human Resources

Our in-house human resources team is focused on keeping the rest of the team in check! It is easy to let checks and balances fall through the cracks. Our human resource team focuses on driving employees that love us through benefit offerings, incentive plans, and growth opportunities. Human resources should never hinder the growth of a business but complement and protect the organization so that our team members have a safe working environment with an opportunity to grow. Our human resources team works hand in hand with all other departments to ensure we are properly implementing any new program or policy legally.

Fleet Management

Managing a fleet well is crucial to controlling costs and eliminating downtime. By utilizing software, GPS, and electronic logbooks, we are able to minimize downtime and lower operating expenses. Company vehicles are moving billboards, so we focus on maintaining our mobile workspaces by keeping them clean and healthy.

Banking Relations

Gray Fox Strategic has multiple banking relationships in the traditional senior-debt and alternative lending markets. We take a conservative approach to investing and use our relationships to leverage our businesses in a healthy way.